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Social Media!! – A Review

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With the current trend where the web1.0 generation has moved to web2.0 generation –> emails made way for podcasts, websites for RSS feeds, shared workspaces for wikis, instant messaging for mash ups and enterprise directory for bookmarks.

The market no longer works the usual traditional way(where the business was always on the driving seat) which our fore-fathers used to follow. The recent development and innovations in the social media front has brought the business and end-user close to each other, wherein the customers can directly talk about their tastes and preferences for various products they rave,  they rant or they divulge private info. The end user now has the power to shake the foundation and branding of an age old organization based on their feedback and past experiences.

With the high speed internet and mobile communication era the world has been shrunk to tiny space, and it has become a mandate for the companies to pitch in to social media and stay abreast with the competition and limelight

Dentsu” – an Integrated communication agency has come-up with a compendium for the buzz word in the air “Social-Media”.

The short and marvelous compilation of the “Social Media Handbook” has not only unleashed and demystified some of the myths associated with the human perception for the social media but also has provided a step-by-step guidance on how to make social media work for you and your brand.

The concepts and details have been explained with some statistical details and real-time case studies(like Coca-Cola, Cadbury’s, Dell, hp, SAP and few more… )

The Charmain of the Dentsu India has very rightly said in of his interviews :

 “Everyone knows a bit. Some know more than a bit. Only a few know a lot. But that doesn’t really help if the entire ecosystem is not sensitized to the opportunities available in the social media space. We felt that a simple handbook would help”

Some of the really nice underlying facts were also unfolded by not just justifying that social media is savvy, but its sensitive too!!

Social media is about the new ‘E’s of brand health:

  • empathy
  • enthusiasm
  • engagement and
  • endearment

Social Media or Networking has become a hangout area for the world crowd where they share their thoughts and feelings informally or anonymously. Here are a few channels that drive them :

  • Facebook / Orkut / Google+ : Social Networking encouraging communication and chat with family, friends and stangers
  • LinkedIn : Networking among Professionals and marketing yourself
  • Youtube : Best for viral Marketing based on innovative videos
  • Flickr / Picasa : Sharing Visual contents that engages viewers
  • Twitter : Most effective medium to reach out masses easily and effectively via micro-blogging
  •  MySpace : Touching people through the music service offerings
  • Wikis : These are used as shared workspaces similar to Wikipedia (wich can be considered just marginally lower than the Britannica Encyclopedia in terms of amount of info.)
  • Blogs and WebLogs are just like online journals where your write for a host of people eager to consume your info and experiences in the form of text, images and videos
  • Delicious : An online social bookmarking portal or repository that helps you in searching or identifying what people have bookmarked.
  • Digg : A social news service platform
  • ….and many more

With all this happening all around, people and companies have moved and steped ahead to identify the sentiments of the people and what are their reaction and feelings towards their posts or articles. To enable this many ranking, analytics, graphing tools have become popular that gives a chart and statistics of the number of HITS and the sentiments attached to it.

A few highlights of some of the portals and sites that help us in getting details on Brand Monitoring and Trends are :

  • Radian6
  • Trackur
  • Nielsen Buzz Metrics
  •  BrandsEye
  • Google Alerts / Trends / Insights / Analytics / Blog Search
  • BlogPulse
  • Trendrr
  • SocialMention
  • …and many more

Some benefits of Social Media!!

  • Brand Research and Awareness
  • Consumer interaction through transactions referrals
  • Reputation Management

The implications of this shift from traditional way of marketing and advertisements to social media will dramatically alter the standard media planning algorithms in the years ahead.

Social Media have become the foundation for businesses to pick up online conversations and chats and turn them into leads or opportunities!!.

Author : Dentsu | Binding: Paperback | Publisher: Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd. | Released: 2010 | Price : Rs. 99/-   

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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