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Pega PRPC – EAR vs WAR Deployment!!

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Choosing between an EAR file deployment or WAR file deployment

Problem Statement :

  • How do the available deployment packages differ?
  • Which deployment package is suitable to your application’s needs, technical requirements, and organizational policies?

Solution / Recommendation :

  • The Pega Product comes shipped with a package of resources like the DB Scripts/Documentation/Archive wars and ears (prweb.war, prpc_j2ee14_ws.ear etc..)
    But, which one to choose as a best practice and under what situation makes life complicated

So, here we go!!

  • The WAR(Web Archive File) is mostly preferred for the deployment in the Tomcat Server which is just a Web Server (Not an Application Server)
  • The EAR(Eneterprise Archive File)is preferred for the most popular App Servers like Weblogic/Websphere.
  • Pega encourages the deployment of the EAR
  • The EAR Deployment provides an option to add advanced J2EE features to the Application as and when it evolves or is migrated to PROD Env
  • Some of the following features can be explored with a EAR Deployment :
    • Two-phase commit
    • JMS message services
    • Service EJB rules (Rule-Service-EJB rule type)
  • Websphere App Server supports only EAR Deployment.

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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