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Hadoop, Big Data, and Enterprise Business Intelligence!!

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Have you ever heard of a Analogy between “Apple n Oranges” & “Hadoop n Enterprise Data Warehousing”.

Here you go!!… Checkout the nice read Article (by Timo Elliott) that gives a quick Highlight of the Hadoop – the baby-elephant , BigData and our very own Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Products!!

It talks about

  • the current depth and penetration of the Hadoop Concepts,
  • the current market capture from an organizational perspective
  • how to use in relation to the traditional BI and EDW Products
  • and, most importantly does Hadoop and BigData (which are at a very immature state compared to EDW and Relational DBs ruling for decades) solve all our problem in the data front!!
  • Quoting from the article : “if we consider what’s called the 3 ‘V’s of the data challenge: ‘Volume, Velocity, and Variety’ (and there’s a fourth, Validity), then traditional data warehousing is great at Volume and Velocity (especially with the new analytic architectures), while Hadoop is good at Volume and Variety.””

Its really good to see many vendors building great solutions atop Hadoop software to name a few, Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) by Oracle , MapR, BigSheets by IBM and many more

MapR is considered to be the Next Generation Distribution for Apache Hadoop

Some Really Nice Discussions on the “hadoop” and “bigdata” buzzzz!!

McKinsey & Company Report :

Recent Vendata Research & Survey on use of HADOOP by organizations!!

Forrester Blogs :

ComputerWorld News!! :

DATAVARSITY is also a nice portal rich with resources, training materials and discussions in the Data Arena!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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