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BPM Just got Better!!

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What Google has done for the Information the same can be done with the Process”. i.e making it readily available and accessible

In the current scenario both business and technology both have  become dynamic, and most importantly the Customers have groomed themselves to work on the move and want every operation and task to be performed using fancy gadgets (i.e just a click/touch away).

The transition that has happened in the BPM Arena over the years has been commendable and there are many contributers and helping hand to that.

Walking through the Appian Blogs, I was quite facinated(from my personal perspective) to see some of the intersting features and progress done to help the Customer to work on the Move!!

A few highlights of the features are :

Mobile BPM – Apps are available for Android/iOS/Blackberry (correct me if I am wrong – I dont thing any of the giant BPM providers have ventured into this)

Cloud BPM (Its picking up and good to see the veterans like IBM/Oracle/Pegasystems also in the race)

Social BPM (Its a very tricky thing and it differs in the way its implemented and showcased by different products – It basically refers to the “Collaborations“)

Talking a brief about the Social BPM ‘thinggyy

  • IBM has one of the products called “Bluworks Live” which has some of the integrations with the social media and social networking sites like facebook, twitter and few others.Pegasystems is also there in the race of integration with social media.
  • In Pegasystem PRPC, the Collaboration has also been used in the Developer Portal as “Whats Happening” i.e it will update the feed if someone checksin or checksout a file along with the changes, to sync up the team on the same platform

(My apologies – did not have much info about other products, would be really great if some one can share on these lines)

Advantages of using Social BPM :

Voice Capture for Mobile BPM

BPM as a workflow management tool was targeted for the customers to increase the productivity and reduce the response time or development time.

Even if the Mobile BPM is very handy, but sometimes typing becomes a pain with the small keypad and the touch screens.

So, here we have a Voice Capture feature provided by Appian as a part of the Mobile App, that can be used to transform the speech to text and make life easy for the Customers.
There can be n-number of usecases that can be thought and mapped to this!!

There are really some interesting articles/blogs on BPM!!...and it becomes quite exciting to “think loud” from a BPM perspective and the strides that have been taken over the years!!

If you are a BPM Freakk here you go!! :

The Appian Mobile BPM App (iOS, Android, blackBerry) is available for a 30day Trial

Even the Appian Cloud BPM is also availabe for a 30day Trial

Exploring!!…will try to comeup with some more info on the Product in my next blog!!

Note : Its not that I am biased to the Product or other products dont have these features. Its just a step to evaluate and come-up with an Evaluation Matrix where the BPM Prouct’s strength lies.

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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