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LexisNexis open sources code for Hadoop alternative – HPCC

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Here is a nice Article on the the New Open Source Hadoop Based System developed by Lexis Nexis – HPCC(High Performance Computing Cluster)

It is considered to be a better version of Hadoop Implementation and the best part is its FREEEE!! (no price tag!!)

The Code is availabe at the following link :

Some interesting quotes from the article :

“Hadoop needs a large community because it’s a growing project, whereas HPCC is already mature because it has been serving large customers for a decade. It’s like trying to evolve a microbe into a human being instead of just starting with a human being off the bat. “

“We haven’t killed Hadoop [yet] … but we have killed mainframes,” he explained. By mainframes, he means all the remnant legacy data centers, such as large, expensive storage systems, data warehouses and OLAP systems”

But now the question that is still open!! and remains un-answered – Do we go on customizing the Hadoop based systems and mark it as a new Open source and launch it….making it difficult on the part of the Enterprise to choose!!…and benchmark a solution.

But one good thing is, it will be really challenging for the “startups” and new “enterpreneurs” to comeup with something new in a flash and overshadow these open-source implementations with a Price Tag!!

This also makes us agree to the fact that …. not only is the Business Flexible and Dynamic so is the Technology Trend!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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