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RDBMS or Key/Value database ??

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Everyday a new word/jargon is coined in the air “bigdata” or  “hadoop” and few more. It is very important to Understand and Recommend .. Do I really need this ??

Now the confusion is “RDBMS” or the “Key/Value Database” ?

Just because every other company has adopted or it is something we must have – cannot be the call.

It is very important to “flesh-out” different approaches of implementation and have a “trade-off” of the features to draw a conclusion!!

Here is a very nice article that talks about this debate!!.

One of the Quotes from the article

“These limitations of RDBMS aren’t a problem for your bread-and-butter application logic (adding, updating, deleting, and retrieving small numbers of items). But what happens when your application becomes successful? You have attracted many users and gained lots of data, and now you want to create new value for your users or perhaps use the data to generate new revenue. You may find yourself severely limited in running even straightforward analysis-style queries. Things like tracking usage patterns and providing recommendations based on user histories may be difficult at best, and impossible at worst, with this type of database platform.”

Moreover, not to forget the RDBMS has been in the DATA Arena for more than 3 decades……Even we also have a list of Cloud Service Contenders (like Amazon: SimpleDB, Google AppEngine Data Store, Microsoft: SQL Data Services)

So, it would be really important to choose the proper DB, as they say it “Right Database for the Right Job and with a Right Reason🙂

Happy Learning 🙂


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