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Suffering from Button Fatigue!!

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Days are not far when every social networking or surfing addicted person will suffer from Button Fatigue!!!

Every other day we find some button or the other popping on top of the post(be it a blog, news, music or a video).

Here is snapshot of the Buttons till date!!

Its all about taking the feedback of the people, and getting a statistics of the User’s Attention and Experience.

Gone are the days where  a sales man or a representative will pop up at ur door in the mid of the afternoon on a weekend – promising not to take too much of your time in getting a feedback of your experience using their product/brand.

Though we really miss the decade old era!!…here we have a similar situation where the buttons pop up where ever you go or browse online!!

But, doing the similar job over and again is a pain and monotonous thing!!

So, here is what, some smart people have come up with (Courtesy : WebMynd) similar to a “Buy 1 Get 1” offer.

A combo Button for your interest with Facebook’s Like and Google’s “+1”, it will update for your FB as well as Google account!!

Here is how it will look like :

So, there might be some crazy people who will have some more task to do…combining all the below buttons!!!

So do you wanna try!!!

Happy Liking!!! 🙂


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