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Pega’s answer to CRM!!

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CPM Customer Process Manager, is the Pega’s answer to CRM(Customer Relation Management)
Well, why CPM!! – its just a name that sounds more like BPM 🙂


The question that usually arises as to, what’s so special and different about Pega’s CPM, that the Forrester and Gartner considers it as the Leader of CRM!!

Before drilling down to the analysis as to what makes Pega’s CPM stand apart from the crowd. It very important to list down the features and attributes that help us in comparing different products.

Some of these features(or common Call-Center Lingos are) are :

  •  – AHT – Average Handle Time
  •  – FCR – First Call Recognition
  •  – CSAT – Customer Statistics
  •  – Incoming / Outgoin Calls
  •  – Call Hold and Call transfer
  •  – Training
  •  – Knowledge Management
  •  – and many more

From Pega’s front all the above features are incorporated as OOTB (Out of the Box) in addition to few more.

Discussing in an organized fashion, here we go :

Referring to each of the calls/requests attended by the CSR representative have a Interraction Timer associated with an SLA which changes its colour from Green–>Amber–>Red based on the SLA breach and past deadline.
Even there is a provision to show the Last Interraction details.(And how it went with a Up/Down Arrow)

– Dialog Management

This is a very important piece in the CPM FW.
We we all are aware, it takes a long time for the CSR people to get trained on multiple domains, how to handle customers, what,where and when to speak.
But with Pega’s CPM, this time is reduced to a minimum, even the new guy can jump on the call center floor and start biting the calls at ease.
The reason being, the CPM comes with a self populated Dialog box on top of the window based on greeting the customer, past/current interraction progress and analysis. The CSR has just to read those lines on the screen.
The dialog management is made intelligent enough to change based on the flow conditions. Above all thse dialogs can be configured at ease by the Manager.

– Service Management

Service management basically covers the actions and the functionalities the CSR has to perform based on the Customer interraction. This could be like Address Change, Issue of new Plastic etc.. which actually invokes a baseline activity to fulfill the purpose.

– Customer Experience

The Customer ecperience is also driven by Suggestive Management approach, wherein it not only about performing the initial step but guiding the CSR/Customer what are the steps that needs to be performed, so that he/she does not miss out or forget during the call.
eg: an address change should followup with a statement copy action.

– Customer Data Management

Whenever the data is pulled for giving a snapshot of the entire User profile, of the person who is on the call. It is fetched from multiple databases and potrayed in an elegant way on the screen.

– Knowledge Management (including quality management & coaching)

This basically helps the CSR Representatives to work at ease with everything available just a click away. All the steps, help guides are available which can be comfgured and accessed by the Users at any point of time. It also serves as the knowledge repository for training the professionals.

– User Experience

Just like any other user, sometimes a dull and static screen makes the work place a boring. To make it very lively, the CPM provides some inbuilt Themes that can be configured to suit your business purpose and needs. It could be a backgroud of a Cookie/Insect or Fly.
Its just to make the user very comfortable with the screen

– Channel Management

This manages the various Input/Output channel that drive the CPM process. The PegaCALL feature becomes very handy. This deals with the CTI(Computer telephony Integration) routing the calls from the telephone to the Screen. The CSR can act upon it either to accept/decline or transfer the call.
There is also a PegaCHAT feature which helps the customers to interract with the CSR, via instant messaging.

–  Campaign Management

This refers to the advertisements and offers that needs to be given to the customer, that flashes on top of the screen which helps the CSR to interract with the customer.
A simple eg: if the caller had made a transaction of 1 lakh, the annual fee should be waived.

– Customer Statistics Management

Its all about studying the customer to server them in a better way.
lets say, last time the User was unhappy with the response and hung-up angrily.
The next time he calls, the interraction goal field flashing on the screen should change based on the Decision Table that drives it.(i.e in this case it should be “Remediate” – taking due case not loosing a customer)
The decision table synamically tailors the customer experience.

– Social Media Intercept & Response

Monitoring social media sites like facebook / twitter, to intercept and resolve potential customer issues before they become problem.
Companies that ignore social media, risk irreparable harm to their brands.
CPM’s Social Intercept feature enables companies to monitor and engage consumers using social channels.
The Automated feature allows to search media socially and respond to it by creating interraction cases

Here are a few snapshots!!

CRM Portal

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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  1. Morgan lee says:

    Hello There,

    10/10 !!! Thank you for making your blogs an embodiment of perfection and simplicity. You make everything so easy to follow.

    The .Appl value of 3 makes sense to me, in that credit card accounts and transactions should have a value of 3, and they should ultimately create an object inheriting from PegaCard-Sd-Dispute-.

    But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!


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