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Pegasystems now clubs with Kofax!!

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Here they come ..yet another BPM + ECM Pair

And this time its none other than the leader in business process management and a leading provider of CRM solutions – Pegasystems & the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions – Kofax.

We have talked about BonitaSoft , IBM BluworksLive and few other firms taking long steps to club the businessprocess management and the document management system for ease of Business Implementation.

The Enterprise content management Integration with Pegasystems is not something very new, the product Pega PRPC had successful  integration with the Filenet , Documentum and Alfresco.

Benefits from this Integration between Kofax and Pegasystems :

  • improved productivity and processing speeds
  • decreased exposure to risk,
  • improved efficiency and
  • reduced costs

The details of this Integration was supposed to be presented in the PegaWORLD Meet., June 2011

Its really good to see such a step being taken thus giving wider breadth to the BPM arm.

We had the days when BPM was just considered as a Workflow management Team, and in the recent past we have witnessed the BPM’s leap forward for clubbing almost every enterprise intigration product.

Not to forget, we had the very popular happily married pair BPM+BRMS –> providing workflow management and decision making at one place.

The BPM + Instant Messenger(LYNC) for bringing together the social networking and process management to the same platform.

The BPM + BI Products integration via service calls, for analysis, report and charting purpose.

The BPM + CRM Pair the most populat in healthcare and financial domain for its flexibility and ease of implementation

And now we have, BPM + Enterprise Content Management Pair

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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