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Private Clouds are just like Buses!!..

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The private cloud has always been under the radar of criticism from the day of its inception. From the Business front the cloud makes a significant sense in a public fashion, but from an operational front it is also important to group/abstract the application and resources to get a positive implication in an enterprise.

Here is a brief analogy to showcase this…

Consider the time when the Buses are yet to be invented and the only mode of transport is own vehicles/cars. But the drawback of the existing system was that many people cannot be transported from one place to another by accommodating them in a Car.

So, the mayor of the place somehow managed to see the benefit of the buses after its invention and started having a few public transport buses in his place. It was a BIG HIT with the mass transit service taking huge bunch of people back and forth between two cities. The only, thing is the people in the community had to pay a nominal charge of Rs 5-Rs10, for the commute.The idea of offering this as a public service was powerful, and as the number of passengers grew , it started to experience significant economies of scale.

As human nature (the most demanding creature on earth), some people had a notion that the Public transport service is not fit for all context.

The Schools wanted their own Bus Service to pickup and drop the children based on school timings.

The Jailor/Prison Authority wanted their own Bus Service to move the huge number of prisoners at ease.

The Actors and other Politicians wanted their own Caravan/ Luxury Buses for moving to different places with their fiends and family members.

With the difference in opinion the Mayor was very much annoyed with the people in the community stating “All the requirements are actually met with the current/existing setup of bus service at a very economical rate and safely….Its just Excuses!!”

Here, the Mayor was rigid on the use of Bus Service as to its only meant/destined for public service at economical rate….ignoring the fact that it can still be used for multiple purpose.

But the underlying fact is, in either of the cases the Bus Driver remains the same with the same job in hand irrespective of the type of usage. Even, it is quite ill suited/unsafe to have the prisoners and the school children commuted from one place to other with the general public rush.

Same is the case with the CLOUD CONCEPT!!….people just get misguided by its single cohesive service model. The technology behind cloud services is extremely valuable on its own, just like a bus is extremely value outside of the public mass transit context.

The PASS (Platform As A Service) as an example is very handy from utilization, load balancing, automation  and service management perspective.

If an organization chooses to layer a PaaS tier – a private PaaS – atop its own infrastructure, whether it be dozens, hundreds or thousands of servers, it will experience genuine value. The technology developed to supply PaaS is much more useful than just the fact that it’s offered as a service — it can drive a whole new era of efficiency as a layer in the private cloud stack, on top of an enterprise’s existing infrastructure.

The difference in thoughts for the public and private cloud is just like separating the invention of cloud enabling software layers like PaaS (the bus) from their first use in the public cloud context (public mass transit).

As someone has pretty rightly said , ”Many fail to accept there may be times when the architectural patterns of public clouds best serve the requirements of the business when implemented locally — in a private cloud.”

This article is based on the inspiration from the following

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