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How Smart is SmartBPM!!

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SmartBPM is nothing new, its yet another name for the PegaRules Process Commander (PRPC i.e Pega BPM+BRE Product)

Just like Apple is fancied by a prefix “i” before each of its product(iPad, iPhone, iTunes…), same goes for Pegasystems with the “Smart” prefix

Here are a few snapshot of these terms:

  • SmartBPM – It is the BPM Product Suite Name
  • SmartBPM Methodology – It is the Methodology that is followed by Pega Professional Services
  • SmartPrompt – It is the text box with a coloured highlight at the right edge (intelligent enough to show the field and the properties by entering a DOT(.))
  • SmartPASS – Its is the Pegasystems Cloud Offering for Platfom as a Service.
  • Smart-Layout – It is the Section or the frame that is referred to in Pega
  • Smart Investigate for Payments/Securities/Disputes – These are the frameworks based on the Industry specific verticals
  • Smart Info – The settings that are done for displaying “on hover” in a HTML/JSP

Well…now the question arises is, we have so many words in the dictionary why specifically “Smart”

Pegasystems PRPC products actually stands by it, (to name a few)

  • with the target of providing a system that can be easily understood and accessable by the Business folks by providing the best in class OOTB(out of the box) functionalities and features.
  • the most important, unique and sellable part from the Pegasystems products is the Frameworks.Other BPM Products in the market do not provide any framework for build.
    • So, what exactly is the framework all about : Its basically a skeleton of properties/sample flows/Exception handling ,mechanishms pertaining to different Industry verticals
    • The frameworks are installed on top of the base PRPC foundation, and the existing flows/sections etc can be leveraged for the Banking/CRM specific frameworks with reusability and customization. The biggest advantage is reducing the time of development and providing the Customer with the deliverable within a short turn around time. – Its is really a SMART Approach.
  • the methodology approch followed is just the customized version and is in sync with the RUP (Rational Unified Model Approach). It can even be clubbed with other company specific methodologies(waterfall.agile, scrum etc) to achieve the objective.
  • the SMART term mainly tries to bring forward the steps that are taken to reduce the ANALYSIS/DEVELOPMENT/MAINTAINANCE phases timelines. Moreover woking in a Agile model where “CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT” we cannot take ages to build a application. Everything has become tool driven and reducing lot of manual intensive work and coding.
  • the application monitoring, testing, reporting and documentations made at ease with built in tools and wizards to achieve this.

and many more……

On a lighter note , its also the people working on this product make it Smarter 🙂

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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