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Another Open Source BPM Product “BonitaSoft “

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Here comes yet another Open Source BPM Product in the Market by BonitaSoft (the leading provider of open source Business Process Management (BPM) solutions)

Its a standalone BPM suite.

The 5.5 release has built critical new features into BonitaSoft’s core offering that make developing, testing and managing BPM applications faster and easier.

Based on the feedback from the community users and the customers, the new version of the product has come up with some major imrovements like :

Doument Management : It enables document management within the process and rich user experoienece along with the interfacing to other systems

  • BonitaSoft has integrated xCMIS, an implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) from eXo, a provider of Java user experience and portal technologies. This open standard approach guarantees interoperability with any content management system adhering to CMIS.
  • ability to easily add and manage documents attached to processes, document versioning, and administration features such as search and filter.
  • easy plug in to eXo Platform for Bonita

– Business Rules :

  • BOS(Bonita Open Solution) 5.5 has its own decision tables and Business Rules defining functionalities, so that Users dont have to depend on External Systemes for integration or hard-coding the stuff within the code.
  • To accomodate different Customer it has also come up with Extentech’s Sheetster connector to access, create, and maintain spreadsheet-based business rules, as well as the connector to the Drools business rules engine.

– Debugger

  • Easy Click for testing and troubleshooting the integration and connectors

Some other features include :

  • improved collaboration features,
  • complex forms building,
  • enhanced support of BPMN 2.0 standard notation and
  • faster performance.

Links :

  • Download Bonita Open Solution


  •   Download BonitaSoft’s white papers


Happy Learning 🙂


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