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Amazon’s Cloud Service Outage – An Eye Opener

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Couple of weeks back there was a huge chaos with the Amazon’s Cloud Service going down (outage). Many popular websites like the Reditt, Foursquare were unavailable because of this disrupt.

This gave the critics and the bloggers a chance to express their hard feelings, who were pissed-off since the emergence of Cloud. “Cloud Computing” has always been under the Question Radar, for its existence and the security features.

So what next…do we continue supporting the Emerging Cloud Concept or allow it to RIP even before it gets due focus and a chance to stretch its arms. This question will haunt every one in the Cloud world!!

Well … for my opinion I would prefer to go with the 1st option…”supporting Cloud“.

History speaks by itself….be it any development we might have witnessed in the Computer arena every failure was a stepping stone to success. Even the innovation of Computers and the emergence of Microsoft faced lot of hurdles , criticism and  sarcastic remarks on its way. But each of these were taken positively and years after here is the stage where we are right now!!

Every experiment goes via a learning phase, initially when Cloud was proposed, people sang the songs of its reusability cost effectiveness and portability. We were correct no question to that. But yes one of the assumptions which we had taken failed , i.e Using a Single Cloud Environment.

With every damn development or architecture we design we always think of a Backup/Continuity of Business/Business Continuity Planning, which compells us to think of Primary and Secondary Network Connectivity, Database, Nodes and Servers. Same is also the case with our human instincts and life, we always have an eye on what to do if something goes wrong.

We cannot totally deny to the fact that there might be some loopholes with the existing Amazon EC2 Architecture, but the business or clients who have invested on it, will definitely be looking out for a recovery planning or setting up a Secondary Cloud Env, which can take control in case of any failover or outage.

This will help the Business reduce the Dollars/Revenue lost due to the unavailability of the system.

So , to conclude and sum up, its just an wakeup call, for all the Cloud service providers to do some failover testing and think for varied other options and complexities rather than blindly following with the Cloud Mass.

The link which triggered me to think loud on this topic :,0

Happy Learning 🙂


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