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The BPM Tailor is here in the market!!

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What does a tailor need to design the most trendy and fashionable merchandize in the market, some best quality clothing, thread, buttons/clips and some expert professionals in this field.

So, here IBM is no Different to it…

Last year IBM acquired some of the best in class BPM(Lombardi) and BRMS(ILOG JRules) companies. Now with its expert professional strength, its trying to tailor all its inhouse products and market multi variant flavors of BPM to suite every class of people in the market (be it the high revenue generator enterprise or the small scale emerging business sectors)

A quick comparison!!

Cloth = Lombardi The Base or the Foundation Product that is stitched with other Products so bring the best Fit and Efficient BPM Product/Merchandize in the market

Thread = ILOG JRules which gets plugged in within the BPM Features as an underlying Decision Management Framework

Tailor = Expert Professionals to use their intellect and experience to create the most trendy and fashionable products

Sewing Machine = Websphere Server which drives the BPM Process Engine

To name some of different variants of IBM’s BPM Products are :

IBM BlueworksLive – A bend of Lombardi BPM Features and the CRM capabilities for efficient callcenter and automated systems. Its a lightware version of BPM.

– A BPM product blending the features and capabilities of Lombardi and ILOG JRules

  IBM’s Business Process Manager standard edition : Blend of IBM Websphere and Lombardi

IBM’s Business Process Manager express edition : Blend of IBM Websphere and Lombardi with limited features just like the Share ware versions (i.e limited to 4 CPUs and 200 users)

The Express Edition of the Business Process Manager is targeted for the Small Scale business sectors, and help them out in resolving and automating some of the hiring and shipping tracking systems.

There is also a flexibility to upgrade to Standard edition to get the unlimited access from the performance & user perspective (i.e with no hidden functionalities)

This software could be used to automate simple processes such as filing and submitting expense reports,. Instead of having employees fill out spreadsheets and e-mail them to their supervisors to be approved, an organization could use this software to automatically shuttle the employee’s expense data, once filled out, to the supervisor for approval, and then submit the approved data to the appropriate financial system.

BPM Express is available directly from IBM and through its partners. The price for the software itself starts at US$600 per author and $120 per user. An average deployment for about 200 users would cost around $25,000

Now, Stitch your Suit as per your needs!!

Happy Learning!! 🙂


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