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Personal BPM!! …think freakkyyy!!

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Well..for people who are thinking…..whats this Personal BPM all about!!…and what a funny thing this guy has come up with –  You are CORRECT !!:-)

Everyday we hear some BPM Product getting launched in the market either it is targetted for a large enterprise or focused on the small scale sectors.

The BPMs presence has become very common across industries and companies are striving forward to reap the maximum benefit out of it….So days are not far when BPM touches every single person’s life.

Now howz it going to be !!!

Its just imaginary…think beyond and ..presume you are given a BPM product to utilize…so where n all you can use it , how and why you will use it and most importantly whats the baseline purpose for it!!


Here is what I started shooting at the dark….

1) Yes we can use a BPM Product to provide me the Budget details and few other info on a scheduled basis.

Here is a wider view for it…

Suppose there is Rich guy who has a tough time maintaining his Money/Salary/Finance, Loans, Tax, donations and above all paying huge amount to his assistant,

So how does BPM Fit here…

Lets say we design an agent that polls the mailbox of the Rich guy(lets name him Mr. Richy) for any mails from the Finance department regarding the Salary/Payslip.

The activities in the Process, parses the details and calculates the Tax amount, Loan Amount, Donations and other expenditure based on the initially filled in details(like loan period , amount and %age)

On a timely basis this sends out a fullfledged Report just like a balance sheet stating the expenditure and savings in a Mail format.

This gets rid of all the time and money you spent in redoing the calculation. Its pretty handy for the people who play with cores n crores of money!!

2) Wats next!!…Lets say there is a student/professional who spend most of his time in the college/office. But there are things which he wants to collect some additional info and work parallely.

For example: I am working for some Human Genome Project..and the mails get poured in and with stressed timelines  i hardly find time search some extra materials on the topic.

Same may be the case for a student preparing for MBA/GRE/GMAT.

So, with a BPM we can have an Agent scanning through your mailbox and analysing what is maximum number of HIT for the item you are working on…Based on that it may search for the content in the “Google” ..and shoot out a mail with the Links and URLS.

This is very much Human Centric…

3) Next could be…how about your Automated Tax Payments  with reminders and other jazzy stuffs.

4) Getting grossery items for the week, based on the approval and rejection of selected items by different members in the family

5) Trip or Vacation Planner with the list of places to visit, explored and feedback. It can also be enriched by integrating with the work calendar, so that it sends timely reminders and alarms for booking tickets, travel accommodations  and making the travel plans a reality.

6) Medicine and Doctor checkup Reminder and Scheduler  for patients and care takers at home

This was just a thought around personal BPM. I totally agree some of them would have sounded very absurd and vague!!…with less ground reality.

Think around…if u guys come across any new term ..plz do share!!

Happy Learning 🙂


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