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“NFC” – Yet Another Technology that has HIT the Mobile Market

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Does your Mobile Support NFC!!

From the day Mobile entered our lives, its very dynamic from the technology and the advancement front.

Gone are the days when people used to carry a mobile phone weighing around 1kg and which looked like a Cordless phone.

But, with the trends in technology and fashion, the users are offered so many variants of mobile everyday in the Market, that its pretty confusing to choose and select a mobile for purchase.Even if a person succeeds in purchasing one….it does not take much time to loose interest on the Mobile he owns and start eyeing on the other latest breeds of the mobile.

Talking about Technology we moved a long way in a short span of time from InfraRed, Bluetooth, Wifi, OS(Android, Symbian..), Apps, Touch screen, Tabs, and many many more…the list goes endless.

Well the new latest feature which the biggies in the Mobile Service Providers like (Google, Apple,  Samsung, Nokia…) are hunting for is NFC.

Now What’s NFC ?Near Field Communication.
Its actually a Short Range Wireless Technology(operates at a distance of 4cm or less) which has already hit the latest developments of the Mobile phones.

We have Bluetooth and Wifi already available now whats so special about this technology!!

The features that really make it catchy!! and why all the service providers(Apple, Samsung, Google…) are after it are :

  • Card emulation: the NFC device behaves like an existingcontactless card
  • Reader mode: the NFC device is active and reads a passive RFID tag, for example for interactive advertising
  • P2P mode: two NFC devices communicating together andexchanging information.

The Applications that can be explored from these features are :

  • Mobile ticketing in public transport
  • Mobile payment: the device acts as a debit/credit payment card.
  • Smart poster: the mobile phone is used to read RFID tags onoutdoor billboards.
  • Bluetooth pairing: in the future, pairing of Bluetooth 2.1 devices with NFC support will be as easy as bringing them close together and accepting the pairing. The process of activating Bluetooth on both sides, searching, waiting, pairing and authorization will be replaced by simply bringing the mobile phones close to each other.

For more info on NFC please checkout the following links :

Happy Learning!!


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