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How effective is moving to Clouds from ROI perspective

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Just read an article on What’s the ROI on Cloud – a quick summary on that recent study by Microsoft Corp. claims an 80% savings by using the Cloud.

With the current state of the Cloud presence, how valid and appropriate is the statement.
Cloud” has definitely become a buzz word these days and every organization and enterprise wants to make its presence felt before its competitor.
But there are still questions being targetted on the security and agility.
Before blindly coming to a conclusion, it is very important to evaluate and estimate the features vs costing figures.

Cloud” is not the ability to share infrastructure in a multitenant environment, and reducing the infrastructure costs significantly. But its the ability to create an IT Infrastructure and group of systems that have the ability to change.
In simple words its basically the agility to the enterprise that makes more sense that just sharing softwares and hardwares in the public cloud.

Taking into consideration all the above facts, the calculation of Cost for moving into clouds becomes more complicated. The terms like “Agility & Reusability” associate and cornered more towards SOA(Service Oriented Architecture).
So, its also pretty important to think from the SOA perspective before concluding.

Lets say for eg: we have got 15000 servers that is shared by 1000 companies. Here its pretty cheap to go for cloud than self investing on hardware and software.
But if I got to use only 2 servers for my enterprise it would be foolish on my part to go for a rented space or data center on the clouds.
Its as good as using a Generator at Home for lightening than going for the public electricity lines. šŸ™‚

But “yes” if the company sees opportunities going forward it better to leverage the clod where scaling can be done based on business agility.

So, its pretty important to make the necessary groundwork for the ROI(Return On Investment) before investing or going forward for the Public Cloud.

Happy Learning!!


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