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SOA Versioning – Whats your take!!

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I know its a pretty old discussion!!!….but its quite informative and debating!!

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With the New Technologies coming with the Version tag for example Web 2.0 .. some people started screaming and demanding for a SOA 2.0.
But do we really need a versioning for SOA – Service Oreinted Architecture when SOA 1.0 never ever existed!!

SOA is basically an architectural baseline concept and an approach to building loosely coupled applications to decide upon streamlining the products and integrations for a better performance, agility and efficiency of the implementation.
SOA was never a product and there are no releases for it so, its pretty illogical and vague to have a versioning for SOA.

Versioning becomes very important :
– when we try to improvize upon the existing setup or feature as a commodity to make it better and robust.
– when we sell a product to a vendor/client and

– for making money with versions πŸ™‚

As someone has pretty rightly said “SOA is more of a Journey than a Destination

The other BPM (eg Pega, Tibco, Lombardi etc), BI, CRM, BRMS products we have in the market come with a versions. Because with each of their release they improvize upon their older versions to align and sync up with the SOA defined lines.

Its nothing new for the “SOA-Concept” with counter discussions as we already had it from the time of its inception with its comparision with Webservices. Where people just wanted to press upon the thought process that SOA is nothing but Webservices – which is never the case(WS is just an approach to achieve the SOA baseline).

For people fancied by the SOA advancements and refinement lets say, the Even Driven Architecture that was missed out when SOA made its debut. Name it as “event driven SOA”

So the Question still remains open – Do we really need a SOA 2.0 ?

There is a great article for more insight :

If “YES” is the call then days are not far when people will again start screaming about Cloud Computing versioning πŸ™‚

On a lighter note : Its as crazy as naming a Hut as Cave 2.0, and a House as Cave 3.0. So wats say abt the Taj Mahal !!!…do we have any Cave or Hut version for it!!

Happy Learning!! πŸ™‚


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