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The Future – Mobile BPM!!.

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The Future – Mobile BPM!!.

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In increasingly decentralized organizations, with locations spanning multiple time zones and the always-connected mobile workforce, it is essential that information management catch up with the new way that we work on-the-move.

Mobile BPM is very much essential for business. It is not just about following the latest trend.It can bridge people spread across in the air sea and land.

BPM” as people believe is not just about Workflows which deals with Accept or Reject decisions. Its much more than that.

Lets say, we have a Client from a Supply Chain Domain which does a business of transferring goods from one place to other. There a N-number  of Approvals needed at each stage or Checkpoint.
Just in case the Client asks for some the data points for tracking or history info we dont get things handy…the usual answer would be “We will get back to you ..Sir“.
With the Mobile BPM in place, people can playaround and do all jazzy stuffs on the move. Reporting, Charts, Datapoints, and many more features will be available right at your finger tip.

Some people also have a notion…we can even access the portal via a browser Why an App for this!!
Similar is the case if we consider browing our mailbox/facebook or any social networking site. These days people have become vary smart and lazy…they need everything customized and readily available as an APP(Application)..just a click away!!

“What Google has done for INFORMATION….the same thing can be done for a PROCESS”

Please have a glance over the article link!! for detailed info on the Mobile BPM!!


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