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Does Digital Transformation Begin with Process Transformation?

There is an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schooff

Does Digital Transformation Begin with Process Transformation?

My Thoughts:

Digital Transformation Journey begins with the “Wake-Up Call” for Business:

• The current system has too many challenges to deal with

• The Legacy systems are getting next to impossible from  a maintenance front

• Tough to get the specific skillset of developers in the market – for age-old technologies

• Our revenues are getting Hit YoY – time to rejuvenate our platform

• Our peers and competitors are making us run after money – need to do a complete fish-bone analysis of the system

• Are our systems future-ready & well equipped to adopt the nextGen technologies?

       •……..and many more!!

Next, follows the :

  • Envisaging the Business Model & Target Architecture (vision)
  • Defining New Operating Model
  • Process Optimization or Re-engineering Techniques (Process Transformation)
  • Fitment Analysis (Wrap-&-Renew or Rip-&-Replace Model)
  • Digital Technology Relevance/Mapping (strategy, compliance & regulatory) 
  • Implementation of the Changes
  • Realizing the Re-Incarnated System (claiming Digitally Enlightened or Digitally Transformed)

At each and every stage mentioned above the C-P-Q factor (Cost-Pace-Quality) is validated to take appropriate decisions.

Nice Read:

A detailed & insightful article on the transformation journey (by Dr Alexander S):

Happy Learning!! 🙂

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Where Do You See Robotic Process Automation Having the Biggest Impact?

Where Do You See Robotic Process Automation Having the Biggest Impact? #BPM

There is an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schooff

My Thoughts:

Every Organization has two types of workforce – Head-Down Workers and Knowledge Workers
• Head-Down Workers, perform their duty based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – this gets monotonous and routine job over time.
○ Example: If we consider a Customer On Boarding Process, it will be a performed, by opening the same form over and again, filling in the details, validating and verifying the IDs and submitting it for approval. The Reviewer, on the other hand, will go through the form details and approve or reject. There is NO EXTRA INTELLIGENCE required for dealing with such a scenario. It is a defined and a streamlined process A-B-C or A-B-D.
• Knowledge Workers, on the other hand, apply intelligence for their judgment and actions. It may or may not be a standard procedure.
○ Example: If we consider an Underwriting or Healthcare Claims Fraud kind of a scenario.  Even though there are standard procedures defined, but still a Person has to validate it based on the customer’s past history, transactions, relationship, health conditions etc etc, before taking a judgment for approving/rejecting a request.

If we map it to automation techniques/terminologies for enabling Workforce Productivity. It will be something like

[Head-Down Workers] : [Robotic Process Automation] : : [Knowledge Workers] : [Cognitive Intelligence or AI]

The journey to AI (“Nirvana State” which every enterprise strives to achieve) can be broadly classified as:
→ BASIC COMPUTING [scripts + repetitive steps in a single application]
→ ENHANCED COMPUTING [rpa + monotonous repetitive job across applications]
→ COGNITIVE COMPUTING [machine learning + analytics]

Detailing it further:

  • Basic Automation :
    • Human with tools | structured data sets | Goal: Labour Efficiency
  • Robotic Process Automation [RPA] :
    • Human augmented with Robots | unstructured + patterned data sets | No Decisioning (targeted for Head Down Workers) | Goal: Labour Efficiency
  • Autonomics :
    • Robots augmented with humans | unstructured + patterned data sets | Goal: Labour Elimination
  • Cognitive Computing :
    • End to end robots with human oversight | unstructured + NO patterned data sets (targeted for Knowledge Workers) | Goal: Labour Elimination
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI :
    • Fully automated with NO human involvement | unstructured + NO patterned data sets  (targeted for Knowledge Workers) | Goal: Labour Elimination

To precisely answer the question:
Robotic Process Automation has a great impact to business in scenarios where manual/mundane and routine activities are being performed. The task force allocated for mundane activities can be utilized for more intelligent activities.
Some of the typical use cases to cite Customer Onboarding (AML, Credit Check, KYC etc); Loan Processing; Payment Processing; Financial Reporting (periodic); Reconciliation checking process; Multiple sources of data extraction & reformatting etc.

Simply put – Robotic Process Automation is primarily targeted for “Keyboard Warriors!!” – showing vengeance with every keystroke for form data entry

In addition, most of the RPA tools have a concept of “Control Room” – a dashboard similar to a helicopter cockpit with all the levers for the Robotic Process Automation defined for all business scenarios. This helps the Business have control and have a hawk eye on the system, than presuming that control & automation has completely slipped from their hands. Control Room also helps Business to have an incremental approach to enable RPA processes in a staged manner by capturing the ground info than going with a big bang approach [which may be risky – as in some cases emotional/sentimental things are involved]

Interesting point by Siva in the discussion thread:

“Applying RPA to a broken process just makes a bad process run faster”


With recent news on Introduction of “Robot Tax” [link]. The next impact area for Robotics will be the Financial space and enterprises will hunt for Financial Advisors 🙂

The ROBOT TAX is primarily to compensate the unemployment in the market as a result of automation and meet demands for public/Govt initiatives/programs like bridge/healthcare/road development etc.


What’s your take?? Any thoughts!

Similar Topic:  How Do You See the Relationship and Interplay Between AI and BPM in the next Few Years?

Happy Reading:-)

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What’s the Worst Advice You Can Give a Company That Wants to Go Digital?

What’s the Worst Advice You Can Give a Company That Wants to Go Digital? #BPM

There is an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schooff

My Thoughts:

On a lighter note;

Worst Advice: “I think you should either prefix or suffix your company name with ‘Digital‘. It works in most cases, and you won’t be left out in Digital Enlightenment followers lot “

+1 Patrick. Agreed.

The Digital Transformations Journies are more like human disease treatment. The medicine which worked for Person A, for a Disease D, to get cured may not necessarily work AS-IS for Person B. It depends on a lot of internal [DNA/past health history/allergic/any other disease etc] and external [climatic conditions, location, weather etc.] factors.

If we map it to an Enterprise, attaining digital enlightenment depends on multiple factors. To name a few: the history of transformation journies the company had undertaken; alignment and adherence to specific tools stacks in the enterprise; trends in the market; domain specific trend affinity [eg: some trends may not make sense for a particular industry domain]; employee strength; capability; leadership; timelines; vision etc..

Importantly and rightly stated by Emiel, the W5H questions on Digital Transformation [What Where Why When Who How] definitely makes a difference in giving a personal touch to the transformation and tailoring it for a specific Customer, specific Problem Statement and defining a personalized Digital Roadmap.


What’s your take?? Any thoughts!

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Happy Reading:-)

Digital Process Automation

Forrester Research has released its first Report on Digital Process Automation [DPA] Software, Q3 2017. This new category, DPA replaces BPM.  Forrester has primarily rebranded the BPM Wave as DPA [Digital Process Automation] Wave, keeping pace with the digital disruption in and around the BPM space. It marks a significant evolution from traditional BPM.

Detailed Report Available at:

My PoV :

  • DPA is the terminology coined by Forrester for nextGenBPM Platforms that sets more emphasis on low-code development, consumer-grade user experiences, robotic process automation, future investment, IoT support, and AI-based innovation.
  • Over the years, every BPM product vendor has been focussing and harnessing disruptive technologies [by cherry picking features based on customers asks and market trends]
    • on a lighter note making the Product stack Bulkier too [day-by-day the size of the BPM Product Installation kit is getting increased]
    • the following graphic depicts the way BPM Product Vendors are slicing & dicing the digital tech trends for creating a BRUNCH Meal for the Customer/Enterprise than just restricting it to a Healthy Salad of Business Process & Rules as it used to be
  • More or less the key features of the BPM that were there a decade earlier [during its inception] are getting shadowed by the competitive chaos and disruptive tech. trends/demand.
  • In addition, all the latest version of the BPM products are giving due importance to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Chatbots/Virtual Assistants, DevOps, IoT, Open Source collaboration/adoption, Cloud and many more. Every Vendor is packaging it as an “Enterprise-wide Platform” – not just a workflow engine for a LoB/group

In summary, the DPA Forrester Wave is an evolution from traditional BPM Wave, by aligning it with the Digital Trends. As the next Gen BPM Platform sets more focus/emphasis on AI/Robotics/LowCode and many other digital trends – the evaluation criteria for the Product Vendor assessment has also been revamped. The items that were earlier considered Future Investment/Strategy has been explicitly called out in the Evaluation Criteria with a weightage value.

Note: The intent of this article is to just present my point of view on the Digital Process Automation for learning & sharing. The views and thoughts presented in this Report are my OWN and not my Employer’s. Kindly let me know your thoughts /suggestion and any correction required [if any]. Happy to address and incorporate the changes 🙂 

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Pega World 2017 – Flashback [Report]

The Intent of this Report is only for Learning & Sharing purpose. Kindly let me know your thoughts /suggestion and any correction required[if any]. Happy to address and incorporate the changes 🙂

Disclaimer: The views and thoughts presented in this Report are my OWN and not my Employer’s.

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Top 5 Elements for Enterprise Transformation/ Re-Incarnation!!

Where should I focus in my Enterprise? What should I do to achieve it? Who will get benefitted by it?

  • Customer Experience (CX)
    • Design-Led Thinking and NextGenUX platform | Target: End-User
  • Process Excellence (PEX)
    • Leverage Customer Journey Experts or Domain SMEs to optimize, streamline and redefine processes making it future ready | Target: Business Users
  • Operational Excellence (OPEX)
    • DevOps acting as a catalyst for effort efficiency | Target: Ops Users + IT
  • Workforce Productivity (WP)
    • Robotics Process Automation & Cognitive Computing driven processes to overcome mundane, manual & routine activities | Target: Ops Users + Business + IT
  • Program Excellence (PROGEX)
    • Leverage ALM tooks and governance to streamline program execution | Target: ALL Users

Happy Learning 🙂

Spotify Engineering Culture

Interesting Ways of Working [WoW]! & Program Execution –> Spotify Agile!

  • Spotify Engineering Culture part 1 (Agile Enterprise Transition with Scrum and Kanban)
  • Spotify Engineering Culture part 2 (Agile Enterprise Transition with Scrum and Kanban)

Happy Learning!! 🙂

Be Future Empowered

BPM Predictions 2016

BPM Predictions 2016

BPM Predictions 2016

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