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The WhatsApp Architecture Facebook Bought For $19 Billion

A very nice read – interesting article.

The day I heard about this new “Facebook acquiring WhatsApp with a tagged price of huge $19 Billion”, some of the questions that confused me were :

  • Why such a big price for an app which is just 4years old ?
  • Is it beacuse of the big userbase which WhatsApp has ?
  • Is it beacuse of the fear that the competitor Google will acquire it ?
  • Is it because of the underlying technology stack ?
  • If it is for the technology stack – then Facebook has a bunch of great minds who can create a similar App in a limited span of time ?
  • What is the underlying Technology stack and user-base strength that made WhatsApp so lucrative ?
  • Is FB the 1st company to go with this offer or WhatsApp was already approached with a similar offer in the past ?

Happy Learning!! :-)

Image Source : http://blogs.earthlink.net/tag/online-shopping-cart/

Note : Image edited (no offence meant – just for highlighting the info)

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